Saturday, June 29, 2013

South Coast Outtakes...

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Hard disks getting full....
Too many unused clips - "outtakes"

Perused these ephemerals.... 
and cobbled together a vid,
(.....before the big delete)

Sorta like the vid flow with the music

Pics here

Vid link here

Vid maybe embedded here

Paddling regards

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reflections on lake retrospective

Too many words here...

I did look at this vid today and thought it worthwhile to stick up ....
music is fantastic and there is a nice moment in the vid, at the very end...

Ah..... the excitement of my first footage with my new go pro 2,
(How did I know they were going to soon bring out out a Hero 3? .....sob)

This includes my very first footage and my very first (now broken) wooden greenland paddle
(eventually went to a one piece carbon GLP which is still (touch wood) unbroken)

I was hoping originally to use this vid.......
to highlight the oxymoronic nature of development in wilderness areas
(if you find a place.... which has no sign of humanity......breathe deeply..... and savour it)

Some pics here 

(from the same location but not from the vid....)

vid link here

vid maybe embedded here

oxymoronic paddling regards

Saturday, June 22, 2013

east coast low by morning and evening

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An east coast low pressure system
pushing up swell 2-3 metres for the last week.
Too much moving water for sea kayaking for me.
Sorta nice to hang behind rock pools,
and feel the power vibrating through the rock platforms.
Didn't get washed in..... but managed wet shoes, thrice.

Videoed both ends of the day at two nearby beaches.

Pics here

Vid maybe embedded here

Vid link here

Non-paddling regards 
(sometimes it's smarter to hide (sans kayak) behind rock pools)
vincent    : )

Friday, June 14, 2013

sea kayak trip on a fat high

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meandering through coastal wilderness
in calm waters, sunny skies and little, if any, wind
during a fat, slow moving, high pressure system
close to the winter solstice
.....heaven on a (greenland) stick
actually 'twas fun, with any type of paddle!
thanks Rae, Neil and Mike

pics here

link to vid here

vid (maybe embedded) here

paddling regards - vincent

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rock Pools

sans kayak

vid embedded here

no swell,
soft grey light,
left the kayak onshore,
wandered around the rock pools,
and managed another 'fix' of salt water.

in the vid,
watch the lone tree on the skyline in the top left of the frame,
as i step away, soggily slowly south, exploring other beautiful rock pools.

pics here

rock poolly regards