Monday, October 26, 2015

fresh unsalted

what, no salt?...........................

living proof that sea kayaks go most anywhere
mixing crisp cascades and rounded warm rocks
with mellow pools wafting with orchid fragrance

i was also curious how the hammer would go as a day tourer
...paddled just fine
and feeling more and more like my 'go to' boat
It's also a stable camera platform, if that floats your boat
If you're with 'go fast straight' paddlers, they may complain
but you'll have way more fun, when you get there!

pretty blue stick is a nutilik - paddled just fine

pretty fresh water is a pretty hour's drive away
- part of my repertoire of paddleable waters
where paddling time exceeds driving time


best downloaded first and then played on a big screen with nice speakers and a wee dram
(now got the vimeo link to work - something strange 'upstream' i suspect)

Monday, October 12, 2015

salt sweet salt

salt sweet salt is a sunday mini-adventure, into the wilderness, with me paddling mate, brendan.
Into the mix goes some rolls, "cave chicken", weeny waves, and 'portal drags' at the salt/sweet/salt transitions.........
And all set against some ear catching audio "doots"..........

You're really missing out, if you don't have a (at least one) plastic in your quiver!

Only 'bug in paradise' are the links to the vid - you may have to copy and paste vid URLs to 'get there' - soz
    best downloaded and watched on a big screen with nice speakers

Sorry, i've tried sorting this; but these links may not work. 
You may need to copy and paste
to view the vid.
Still worth checking out, especially on a larger screen - it's a sweet vid   ; ]

paddling regards

Friday, October 9, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

funning in and out of clefts

when the seas are flattish
you just need somewheres
to focus energy.......... and the fun
please don't wake me 
coz i'm loving this dream    ; ]
- you may have to copy and paste this link (i'm not sure if it's me or vimeo or a gremlin in between)
-still best downloaded and played on large screen with nice speakers