Friday, July 29, 2016

mangrove playground

a neglected kayak playground 
to my mind are mangroves!

check them out at high tide 
with a (preferably) shorter boat 
and you are bound to have fun
weaving your way between the branches
(lose a point for every touch of boat, body, blade
if you achieving a perfect zero, go faster and tighter!)

i really enjoyed the combo 
of a shorter boat (wavesport z)
with the new gearlab kayakid paddle


Thursday, July 14, 2016

dragging, wading, and hammering


  • if you haven't dragged your kayak, you are missing out - plastic is the preferred material here. 
  • my local national park has closed the access road to my nearest beach for a major upgrade so a longer drag was needed.

  • a lot of sand has been dragged away from rocks from an intense storm (east coast low) about 4 weeks ago............ so more water around rocks.

  • after 30 mins of dragging and wading i am confronted with shore break. 
  • I have noticed that if it takes some time and effort to get to a destination, one is more likely to go out and get hammered. 
  • funny enough i am paddling a P&H me why more paddlers don't get into Hammers (think of a lengthened playboat)
  • paddling in straight lines is fine, but i find a a bit of 'twitch' is hellish fun!   : )