Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kayak Guidelines – First Draft 2

Kayak Guidelines – First Draft

Sit in kayak with your head upright and facing the front of the boat

Rationale – otherwise you will not be able to see where you are going and also may induce long term postural problems. Look for the big open hole in the middle of the top of your kayak, where a seat should be located, with a space in front for your legs.

Eskimo Rolls should rotate a full 360°

Rationale  you should be able to breathe air at the end of your roll. Rolls of 180° should be avoided as these may induce a feeling of suffocating underwater. Rotating around the long axis seems to be easier than rotating over the bow or stern.

Load your kayak carefully onto your car

Rationale – align the narrow end of your kayak with the narrow end of your car and place on top of roof racks and secure.
Loading sideways will cause problems on some roads and also increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Use a dedicated kayak paddle

Rationale – although other sporting equipment has attractive logos and used by sport stars, it may not be the most efficient means of propelling your kayak.

Leave your car on shore when paddling

Rationale – Taking your car with you whilst paddling may cause stability problems on the water - immersion in water can cause havoc with  car electronics.

Don’t leave your kayak on the beach

Rationale – while you are physically with your kayak, it’s usually OK 
on uncrowded beaches.
If you leave it unattended for days, it may go missing.