Monday, November 23, 2015

shifting sand peaks

on video title it actually reads
as 'shifty sand peaks'
shifty looks a bit shitty in that font 
but didn't want to re-edit

the sand peaks were not shitty
but challenging - uneven swell breaking 'front on' to beach
i'm blessed in surfing in uncrowded clean water 
not sure how el nino will affect surf this summer

vids are actually from 3 sessions at same beach
so sometimes i'm masked, sometimes with nutilik or NLP aleut (thanks gnarly) in my hands
but always in the hammer heaps (thanks glenn)
'tis my goto boat now
and still tuning brain/body to boat
i maintain it takes a couple of years tuning

getting a higher 'spec'ed laptop
so hoping can edit at 1080 120 fps
previous lappie maxed out at 60 fps

got many vids waiting for editing
..........but life gets in the way  : )

best downloaded first and played on big screen with nice speakers

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Victorian Sea Kayak Club - Blue Water Festival - 6 7 8 November 2015 - Cape Paterson

just came back
via Wilson's Promontory (video to come)
from a fun 3 day meet with VSKC
thanks to all those involved
for a great time out on the ocean and on terra firma

paddling regards

recommend downloading first and then play on large screen with nice speakers