Wednesday, December 22, 2021

finless fun

this goes back to to 2017 (vid link at bottom)

when i was starting to get the feel of my wavesport Z in surf

the waves aren't that steep or powerful but more 'rampy'

good to play on the face with wide arc turns but easy to overpower

heaps of spray being kicked up (part of the slower boat speed and/or less boat skimming)

so my eyes are getting redder and redder with the spray of the salt water as the video goes on

- it was all a natural high

lots of folk seem to be kayaking now in all of its many variations

but I still like a whitewater kayak with a greenland paddle in small-medium surf

..... with not too many people to share it with!

(I am very slowly and incompetently building a composite kayak, with my own mods, but more on that in another post)